Cartridge seal

Type F490

Applicable Industry :
•Mining and Ore Processing
•Water & Waste Water
•Chemical Processing
•Petrochemical Processing
•Food & Beverage Processing

Performance Parameter:

•Seal Length:25mm to 100mm(1inch to 4inches)•Material Components: KALREZ/ Carbon/ SSIC/ HAS-C
•Temperature:-20°C to 320°C
•Pressure:0 to 20kg/cm2 G
•Shaft Speed:MAX 20 m/s
•Viscosity:MAX 500cp (0.5Pa.s)
•Slurry Content:0.5 to 10 wt%

•Rotary and balancing design tolerates high pressure
•Isolated spring design reduces potential clogging by media residue.
•Integrated stationary and rotary face design reduces wear and increases stability in high-level vibration applications.
•Lubrication cannel removes the need for pump shell installation.
•Thermal management outlet for selected media source helps seal run cool.
•Integrated high circulatory pumping ring increases flow of coolant and optimizing closed loop cooling.
•Reverse Pressurization retains media in upsetting situation.
•Seal parts are interchangeable and available in wide range of materials.
•Short Working parts well-suited even in narrow spaces.
•Consolidated design and fitting procedure, ideal for simple replacements.

Material Contents:

•Face material: Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide
•Rubber Packing:FKM, EPDM, KALREZ, PTFE
•Metal Components:SUS316,HAS-C

Dimensions of Type F490
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